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Website Development – does ‘Brand’ really matter?

Posted by Malcolm Iliff, on 3rd February 2016

Does ‘Brand’ really matter?

This really ought to be the perennial question for every digital agency that builds and promotes websites for their clients.  Hopefully, potential clients chose a particular supplier or they renew their contracts with the supplier because they appreciate the brand, they trust it, it gives them confidence, it fulfils their criteria for entering a long term relationship of mutual trust and mutual profit.   They like the ‘brand’!

But what really defines ‘brand’?

And so, I ask of ourselves, of CBJ Digital Ltd, what perception does the enquirer or viewer of CBJ really think that CBJ Digital’s brand represents?  

  • Is it our logo or strap line?  I hope not (though our strapline may give a clue).
  • Is our brand something that, once identified, is consistent over time?  Maybe (I hope so)!
  • Are there a variety of components that make up our brand?  Certainly.  
  • Can the potential client see and, more importantly, appreciate the brand, and why it has to be so important to their thinking when selecting a web agency as a partner for the long haul?  We strive for this to be the case.

Websites are not commodities and so one hopes it is not just a matter of price that determines the supplier.

Audi, BMW, Lexus, Bentley are just a small group of brands that imply something more than a vehicle for taking one from A to B.  In the context of web systems, £0.99p will get you a month’s hosting from one company (with conditions, of course) – but do you anticipate expert immediate support at that price?  Do you expect personal service at that price?  Should you expect fast response times? 

So again, what should a website development company be implying in its brand?

What differentiates a good brand from a poor one?  Maybe it is price that is the main differentiator – but you would be at risk to take that as a determining factor. Some years ago, I was approached by a recently redundant executive of a furniture design company who told me that his company had been charged nearly £100k for their new website.  Before he had told me this, I had estimated that, with a very healthy profit margin, we would have undertaken the work for ca £35k. The eventual charge for the site contributed to the company going to the wall.

Returning to the motor vehicle example – quality is the clear determinant that makes these marques stand out.  So it must also be with website development companies.

What are those positive attributes that CBJ Digital has in its brand?  

I suggest several:

  • Quality…
    • of communication – we really work to understand what you want – we do not hide behind a call centre or impersonal phone systems
    • of code - very relevant for improving SEO and ranking
    • of security – key for e-commerce sites and important for all types of site
    • of support – CBJ Digital has immediate personal email and phone support
    • of design – it is the viewer who needs to be encouraged to use your site and to be at ease with the navigation
    • of compatibility across all devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs – we call that responsive design
  • Innovation…
    • contributing ideas for adding value to your site are part and parcel of our client relationship – especially with new clients
    • our very talented and experienced technical team can solve even the most difficult problems
    • CBJ Digital uses the latest techniques and features to add value
    • we will help our clients make use of social media and other devices for enhancing the effect of a web presence
  • Longevity...
    • CBJ Digital Ltd and it component companies have been building sites since 1998
    • CBJ Digital is there for the very long term.
    • our oldest client came to us in 1998 – and is still with us!
  • References...
    • CBJ is really proud of its client base
    • we have examples from retail, wholesale, banking, service companies, franchisors, professional firms, charities, directories, musicians and churches among many others
    • our portfolio (http://cbj.digital/portfolio) is our best reference.

That is part of what makes up CBJ Digital’s brand – and we are proud of it. Brand is important!

If you know a company or other organisation that would like to deal with a brand that is reliable, consistent and dependable, get in contact.  We would be pleased to help.

Malcolm Iliff   February 2016

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